david boswell | columbia business school

David was born in Atlanta, GA but spent his first ten years living in the Solomon Islands. He moved to Dallas, TX for high school and attended Harvard College for undergraduate studies. While at Harvard, David was a member of the Reserve Officer Training Corps and upon graduation commissioned as an Active Duty officer in the U.S. Army. For the past eight years he served as a Black Hawk MEDEVAC helicopter pilot, flying numerous rescue missions in the U.S., South Korea and Afghanistan. He is excited to move to New York and begin studying at Columbia Business School in August of 2019. Short-term, he plans to transition into an operational role with a mid-stage startup or pursue management consulting to gain a greater understanding of the business ecosystem. Long-term, he hopes to pursue social impact investing in an effort to generate meaningful and measurable positive social change. Outside of work David enjoys volunteering in his local church and community, serving as a Harvard College alumni admissions interviewer, and being actively involved in veteran affinity groups.