Deeply impacted by the attacks on 9/11, Izosa was driven to serve and contribute to the unending effort to preserve and protect the system of American freedom. He joined the U.S. Navy in 2008, where he had the honor and privilege of leading cross functional teams in numerous locations across the world.

In 2014, after six years of service, Izosa planned to transition into the reserve component and pursue an MBA through Harvard Business School. When it became evident that the threat posed by ISIS would require American intervention, he declined his offer of admission and chose to remain in active duty service to help abate the proliferation of ISIS.

Now ready to transition into the private sector, Izosa will pursue both an MBA through Harvard Business School and a Master’s Degree in Computer Science through the Georgia Institute of Technology. He ultimately hopes to impact the investment landscape and help catalyze the evolution of humanity through targeted investment in technology.