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Your Donation - Our Future


"To be selected as a LunaCap Scholar meant I could focus on studying finance rather than worry about finances - and most importantly, join a network of scholars and mentors excited to support my passions in business."

Eric Shu
Columbia Business School


"Being a daughter of Mexican farmworkers, I thought an MBA was out of reach for people like me.  LunaCap Foundation made pursuing my MBA much easier by investing in my potential and supporting my success." 

Jessica Leon

MIT Sloan School of Management

lunacap foundation


Few scholarship programs exist for our highest achieving graduate students who have earned their way into the finest MBA programs at Harvard, Yale, Wharton, MIT, and other first-tier colleges. 


The assumption is "They can afford it!" yet we found tremendous need from students of Military, Veteran or Mexican descent who have earned acceptance to attend these programs, yet simply cannot afford their tuition.

"I just didn't think attending these colleges was possible for someone like me."

Jessica Leon, MIT

Elite MBA programs can cost $100k annually yet financial aid may cover less than half the cost education. Often, these students are the sole source of income for their family and existing financial aid simply doesn't cover the cost education. 

These students are truly our future leaders, business owners, and global market makers. Despite overcoming additional obstacles and challenges, these students still earn rare acceptance to first-tier colleges. 

LunaCap Foundation began with the mission to assist truly deserving students afford MBA degree from first-tier colleges.  Having worked years to achieve this honor LunaCap Scholars need your support to make dreams a reality!

LunaCap Scholars will one day become Titans of Industry

and Help those who Follow,

Achieve the Same.  

The LunaCap Foundation seeks likeminded Mexicans (born anywhere in the world) or current active military or U.S. Armed Forces veterans who want to make a difference.  The Foundation is need-based and will help offset the price tag of the MBA.  Candidates will be selected based on performance but, more importantly, their desire to give back and create opportunities for others.


Applicant Criteria

  • Must be active duty, retired, or a veteran who served in the United States Military for more than 6 months OR of Mexican descent, born anywhere in the world

  • Must be applying to a top tier business school

  • Must demonstrate financial need: GI bill doesn’t cover the full tuition, loan amount doesn’t cover full tuition, or family situation won’t allow you to take time off due to lack of family income and a loan

  • Overwhelming demonstration of commitment to community and desire to give back

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