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At 3 months old, I was adopted from Guadalajara, Mexico and had what many would consider a great upbringing in the United States. I served in the United States Air Force and earned an MBA from a great university. Like many adoptees though, I searched for my birth parents only to come up dry. It was in the search though that showed me how I could give back what was so generously given to me.

One summer during leave from the Air Force Academy, I traveled to Guadalajara in search of my birth parents. After days of searching and many dead ends, it became clear I wouldn’t find them.

Though disappointed, I experienced an area of Mexico where I may have grown up had my fate been different. People slept on sidewalks and sat idly with bored, longing stares.  At one point, I locked eyes with a young man around my age. It was like looking into a mirror image of what could have been. I began to wonder: Why me? What would he give to be in my shoes? What could he do, not only for himself, but for others, given the opportunities I had? 

Recognizing I needed to make the most of what I was given, I vowed to provide opportunities to those in need, so they may also achieve full potential. Although there are numerous impactful organizations focusing on early childhood through undergraduate college, I found my own greatest opportunities came after graduate school,  specifically with an MBA. 


Paul Capon, founder of LunaCap Scholarship Foundation,  while deployed as commander of an embedded training team (ETT) at the interim logistics facility (ILF) Kabul, Afghanistan

I met inspirational people while traveling in Mexico and served with amazing veterans who had worked hard, despite significant challenges, and were capable of getting into top schools but simply couldn’t afford to attend.


Often, they were the only source of income for their family, could not afford to take time off work, or loans would not cover the cost of an education. This financial barrier created an attitude to never even consider attending a top notch university. 

Fast forward to present day, I founded Luna Cap Foundation aimed to help individuals from military or Mexican descent attend first-tier MBA programs. This group, if given a chance to achieve their potential, will one day become titans of industry and hopefully help those who follow achieve the same.  


This is the origin of LunaCap Foundation. Your support will make a world of difference in the lives of many, as it has truly done for me. 


Paul Capon

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